Online reputation managed together!

   We will put the terms in simple words, to allow you to easily understand how we hope to cooperate together, we say cooperate because without having honest intensions from the customer to keep his /her own reputation clean, it's not possible to fix the reputation. In other words, we ask the client to try to keep their online reputation in mind while doing transactions etc ..., simply because we can not fix an online reputation while negative feedback, scam & ripoff reports are popping up constantly. We understand that from time to time some negative content would appear, and our mission is to deal with it, but if a person or a company is subject to a never ending smear campaign ,they should contact us before purchasing any of our packages.
By purchasing any of our packages or services, You confirm that you are aware that any results concerning the complete removal of online content cannot be guaranteed! And that You are aware that the pushing of negative content below 1st page in search results needs time, You enter into this agreement with the understanding that you are responsible for your own reputation. You hold us, our lawyers, employees & contractors free of all liability and responsibility for any actions or results or adverse situations created as a direct result of a specific advice given by us or side effects of a reputation fixing campaign.
By purchasing our services, you understand that there will be no refund!