Let specialists handle your online reputation!

   Some say that reputation is the most important asset an individual or a company can have, rumors can destroy people lives & cause companies to lose business! Unfortunately the internet have made managing reputation very difficult, a mistake you do in your youth will stick with your name forever, a competitor or an pissed off employee can tarnish your company reputation easily and make you lose customers!

Business of blackmail: A business was born, based on tarnishing businesses & personal reputations, complaints & review sites popped-up like mushroom, offering consumers and fake consumers alike a way to vent their anger towards businesses ... But at the same time charging the real victims "whose reputation are tarnished" thousands of dollars to remove the complaints, and thus avoid being humiliated or lose their clients! In most cases paying a one time fee was no longer enough, and these so called consumer advocate websites started charging people & companies high monthly fees to be able to somehow dilute the complaints or the negative feedback affecting them!

What can we do ? We will try to make your negative feedback disappear from top results, and in many cases remove it completely from search results! That means that your online reputation will be cleaned! In most cases dealing with the online complaints yourself would make the situation even worse, simply because you have no idea how to approach the sites where the negative data about you or your business is hosted!

About us: Our team is made of individuals that cover all the aspects needed to deal with such issues, we are a part of a bigger company that deals with online marketing advertising and search results, and we have forged partnerships with individuals on the ground in all the 50 states and in most European and Asian countries.
But what distinguish us from other firms, is that we have a specific approach and strategy and that we deal with this problem as a real problem not as an online only problem.

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